24 Hours is Plenty

The first thing I want you to know about me is that I am a firm believer in being productive. I love to get things done. The next thing I want you to know about me is that, like you, I struggle to prioritize wisely. As a result of this, my productivity suffers. And I know you can relate to the frustration of being someone who values getting things done while at the same time failing to get things done consistently enough.

True, we each are different, however, some things are common for all of us. One of those things is that we are all gifted with talents and skills given to us in order that we might positively impact the World around us. We all have been given something to offer the World. And there is an internal restlessness inside of us when we are unable to express that individual creativity to others.

We take jobs we do not like in order to make a living and before we know it, there we are, stuck in the rut of helping bring someone else’s vision to life while our own dreams and goals slowly fade out of sight. Yet, we have to earn some type of living, do we not? And what about the life issues that arise which blur our focus and push our ambitions aside? We have to deal with life as it comes, right? Not to mention the mundane demands of our day-to-day home life which also contends for our time and attention. So, it is easy to see how we can get sidetracked. Sadly though, some people never find their way back on track.

But there is good news today for anyone who can believe it! The problem is not so much the demands on your time, but how you use the time you have. We can get up and earn a living even in a job we dislike, we can take care of our families, we can meet our daily demands and still find the time to work towards our personal goals. All is not lost, no matter how far away you are right now from realizing your ambitions. The mere fact that you are reading this is proof that there is a flame of hope still burning inside you, and where there is hope, there is always a chance for success.

With the proper tools and training any of us can become better skilled at time management and, thereby, more capable of reaching our full potential.

Published by Yolanda Everline

Creative | Strategic | Motivated

2 thoughts on “24 Hours is Plenty

  1. Your content is really inspiring. I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks for the useful and motivating content.


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