Find Your Peak Workflow

What are your peak workflow hours? Do you know? Between what hours are you most prolific? Do you do your best work at night? Are you the type whose creative abilities are heightened during the daytime? In order to perform at your maximum potential, you must know the answers to these questions.

Night-timers hit their peak perfomance while the majority of people sleep. This is the time when they can thoughtfully bring the characters of their story to life, these are the hours they use to construct their brands and websites, their business plan is modified during these hours. Night-timers will have a difficult time trying to do their best inventive work during the day.

On the contrary, day-time creatives find their productive flow in the morning or afternoon. Day-timers usually experience more time restraints during the week than night-timers, which is why many use the weekend for creating during their peak hours.

Once you discover the time frame in which you work best, you need to ask yourself this: “Am I using these hours for goal setting, for goal tracking, for goal achievement?” If you are not using your peak hours towards work on your goals, you really should be. And here is why: this is the ideal time for maximum achievement. Your level of productivity is partly determined by how efficiently you use your peak workflow hours.

Now, I will ask once more, do you know what your best hours for creativity and productivity are? If you are still trying to figure that out, it is okay. You are at least on the right path. Just do not stop until you have the answer.

Begin to pay closer attention to the times during the day or night when you feel most like working. Pay attention to those times you most feel like creating? See if you can find a pattern. When you can give a definitive answer to this question, you will have found your peak workflow. And you will have answered a very crucial question with regard to your time management skills and your productivity.

Of course you can choose to create whenever you would like to, but the greatest results are found when you know and work within those peak hours.

Published by Yolanda Everline

Creative | Strategic | Motivated

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