About Me

Hi! I am Yolanda Everline. I own this blog and am its sole writer.

Early Every Day has been brought about by my own personal need to take better control of my time for the sake of reaching my full potential in my personal and professional life. I am a writer who has wanted to put together a blog for quite a long time. But there was one problem that kept getting in the way of this objective: finding a topic that could hold my interest. Then one day, there it was. It made complete sense to start a blog that addressed an issue that I and many others were battling with. That being so, Early Every Day came to be.

The objective of this blog is to demonstrate how we can set realistic goals, waste less time with things that have no real investment towards our purpose, and accomplish more in each 24 hour cycle of life. If we can learn how to wisely appropriate the time we are given each day, we can change the course of our life and reach the goals that we long for. 

I believe every person has a deep desire to become a better version of who they are today, and in order to accomplish this first things must be dealt with firstly.

I hope you will visit this blog often and always with great expectation because I truly believe you will never fail to find posts which will encourage you to step outside of the status quo and live the life you deserve.

Thank you for stopping by!

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